Le Gender est une idéologie barbare

Le président de l’Equateur, Rafael Correa, qui se définit comme un chrétien de gauche, dénonçait clairement et simplement la barbarie qu’introduit l’idéologie du Gender, dans son intervention du 28 décembre 2013. Extraits choisis et traduits en anglais de la vidéo.

One thing is the feminist movement for equal rights which we support with all of our hearts. But suddenly, there are these extremisms and these fundamental positions which perhaps stems from the reaction to so much exploitation. What is being proposed is on the border of the absurd. Nowadays, they no longer want just equal rights but equality in every aspect. To men to look like women and to women to look like men. I mean: enough! …

There are people who make this argument and we greatly respect their point of view. But don’t impose it on others. DON’T IMPOSE IT ON OUR CHILDREN!

So one would have the right – the freedom – to choose whether one is a man or a woman! Please! […] It is a barbaric notion that threatens the natural order and everything!

They’ll call me conservative for believing in the family…[…] Well, I believe this « gender ideology » and these novelties destroy the traditional family which continues to be and I happily believe will continue to be the basis of society.